Douglass Academic Resource Center

Meet the Douglass Academic Resource Center Staff

As students prepare to achieve the vision they have set for themselves, professional academic advisors, an athletic academic advisement and skills enhancement specialist, and academic support staff are available to assist in numerous ways including providing study halls for our student athletes and coordinating interventions with our at-risk students and referring them to appropriate support services.


Director, Academic Resource Center
Ms. Carolyn S. Walker, MS

Ms. Walker is an accomplished educator who’s administrative experiences span several decades of commitment. During her tenure in other post-secondary educational institutions, her positions have included Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of Counseling and Testing (LPC and NCC), Coordinator of Disability Services, New Student Orientation Director, Freshman Experience Coordinator and Instructor, and Site Coordinator for many National Testing Services.  Additionally, she has been The Director of Adult Basic Education/Guided Studies for a four-county area, and Associate Professor in mathematics.

Her goal in the D’ARC is to continue to work collaboratively within the college community in providing leadership in the development, facilitation, implementation, and assessment of a comprehensive array of support services designed to ensure a meaningful college experience for students.

Douglass Academic Resource Center
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Academic Resource Coordination
Mrs. Patricia Jackson

Mrs. Jackson has been employed at Morehouse College for more than three decades. She works to ensure that students are making appropriate academic progress and connecting to campus resources for support and involvement. She  also helps students resolve academic issues given her practical knowledge of the everyday operations of the College.

Douglass Academic Resource Center
Athletic Academic Advisement and Skills Enhancement Specialist
Mr. Kevin D. Chapman, Jr. '06

Mr. Chapman has worked in higher education for nine years. He values the importance of time management and communication skills, and works diligently to assist students in improving these skills. The thing he loves most about working at Morehouse College is playing a role to ensure that as many men of Morehouse transition to becoming his newest Morehouse brother.

Douglass Academic Resource Center 
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Degree Progress Evaluator
Ms. Maisha Gunter, BA

Ms. Gunter has worked in higher education for almost five years. She values the opportunity for each student to become a man of agency and encourges them to take more ownership in monitoring their academic progress. The things she loves most about working at Morehouse College is witnessing the matriculation of African American men; and watching them mature from men of Morehouse to Morehouse Men.

Douglass Academic Resource Center
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Coordinator of Academic Advising and Student Support
Ms. Jacquelynn K. Davis,MBA
Ms. Davis brings 13+ years of student development/advisement experience to the position and is a member of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA). In addition to advising and assisting students who are experiencing academic transitions, Ms. Davis works with academic departments to implement best practices in advising, and faculty advisor training and support, and with the staff of the Academic Resource Center on academic recovery efforts. She also serves as a campus resource for the College regarding issues of academic advising (schedule planning, advisor recruitment and training, etc.).

Douglass Academic Resource Center
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Student Success Specialist
Ms. Quisha Buggs, M.Ed.
Ms. Buggs has her M. Ed. in Higher Education. She has worked in higher education for over two decades in the areas of The Office of Development, Student Affairs, Financial Aid, and Acadenic Affairs. Her passion for students is evident in the time she spends motivating,encourging, and supporting in their educational pursuit. She is humble and honored to serve the Morehouse community, parents, faculty, staff and most importantly the students. She has been employed with Morehouse for four years.

Douglass Academic Resource Center
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